Benefit Design & Analysis Specialist

When making policy decisions, a lack of informed and inquisitive guidance can devastate your organization’s bottom line, leaving you vulnerable, and costing millions over the years.

With decades of leading industry experience, PA Files consults as an independent corporate advisor and planner to review existing packages. As an experienced broker and industry specialist Pam Files can analyze, present, and implement improved policies, or work alongside local and regional agencies to bring national proposal expertise to the table. You can even catch her as a guest speaker helping associations and chambers be better informed. Twice voted one of the “Most Influential Women in Benefits Advising” (2015 & 2017) by Employee Benefits Adviser, Pam Files works to uncover missed opportunities for clients. Download her publications below or call to see what your bottom line may be missing. 

Turning the page on policy planning.

Download Pam’s publications on the most important information in planning decisions.

Today, insurance solutions barely resemble conventional understanding of the industry even a few short years ago. Unraveling the ever-changing options is impossible without the consultative leadership and energy that someone like Pam Files, a top industry performer with over four decades of experience for large brokerage firms, can bring.

About Pam Files

Knowledgeable. Experienced. Trustworthy. Confident.

Pam Files has been in the insurance and employee benefit consulting business for over 40 years and is deeply dedicated to assisting her clients find the best fit for their insurance and benefits offerings. Her extensive career has won her numerous recognitions and awards, including being named as one of the “Most Influential Women in Benefits Advising” (2015 & 2017) by Employee Benefits Advisor.

In our business, it is a two-step process. Part one is engaging the employer in the magical “fit” of budget and benefits. Once that goal is accomplished, moving forward to part two, which is filling the needs of the employee. This is so crucial today because there is the pressure of figuring out what/who to insure and meeting the government requirements.

– Pam Files

Pam is a true professional. She differentiates herself with not just with her experience, but by selling solutions and the drive to stay out front of educating her clients on new technology and analytics. Keeping clients happy and informed has allowed her to have high persistency of clients.

Ms. Files is a wealth of knowledge and has the innate ability to apply it everyday for both her new and existing clients. She is never satisfied with the knowledge of today in her industry, but always strives to understand what tomorrow’s information and challenges will bring.

What Sets PA Files Apart

We Put Our Clients Needs First.

We treat each client as unique. Our ongoing holistic consultative approach separates us from the industry norm. More than just Insurance and Employee Benefits, we offer solutions that positively enhance your competitive hiring edge and your bottom line.

We Provide Current Best Practices.

“Knowledge is power” has never been more true. Innovative options like Self Insured and Risk Mitigation strategies evolve rapidly. It’s not just what you know but can apply it in time. Preemptive annual audits find opportunities that others might miss.

We Partner With Your Business.

It’s more than just keeping in touch that is important. Using the latest in technical analytics, we help clients identify quarterly changes in their business that could impact their coverage options and cost —before the renewal date is upon them. 

We Are Active In The Industry.

Over 40 years of leadership and national relationships in the field add value to our council and create better outcomes for companies, employees, and communities. In addition, staying active ensures our strategies and sourcing are up-to-date.